Dear collectorfriends,

Welcome to my website with dropcatchers and Swedish & Norwegian beercoasters.

My name is Ivan Peeters, I live in Belgium. My main collection is “BEER”coasters.

Like you can see I also collect dropcatchers from beer only. I know there is only a small group of collectors who collect these dropcatchers but it's nice to collect these next to your main collection like beer coasters, labels, caps, playing cards, glasses, postcards ...

Hopefully this website can breathe new life into the collection of dropcatchers once people start knowing that dropcatchers also exist in their own country.

If you see that there are missing dropcatchers on this website, please send me a picture in jpg-format (300 dpi).

If you wish to exchange, please send me an email: ivan@dropcatchers.be

Some years ago I also made the catalogues of coasters from Norway and Sweden. Soon I hope to propose these to you too.

Finally, I want to thank Joeri Housen from Belgium for his great help in making this website.

Enjoy the website.

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